Tuesday, November 2, 2010

San Francisco Giants: World Series Champions 2010

     Though I'm an ardent supporter of bad puns, I'm sick of every single headline including the word "Giant."  For example, "Giant victory" or "Giant feat for San Fran."  It's catchy to some degree, but when every single person starts incorporating it, it certainly becomes a bit hackneyed.
     While I'm nauseated by these trite headlines, I have to agree that this is a "Giant" accomplishment for the city of San Francisco.  Only the Cubs (oy vey) and the Indians had longer World Series droughts.  The Giants hadn't won in 56 years.  Prior to last night, the wonderful people of San Fran had never experienced the wonder of a World Series triumph.
     There are a few reasons why the Giants beat the Rangers 4-1 in the series.  First off: (this one's pretty simple)  Tim Lincecum.  The Freak beat the seemingly unbeatable Cliff Lee not once, but twice in the same series.  Throughout the post season, Lincecum out-dueled Derek Lowe, Roy Halladay, and Lee with an assortment off nasty pitches and an intelligent approach.  Like ESPN analyst Eduardo Perez said, "Lincecum did his homework."  After doing his homework, Big Lince (just made that one up.  Thumbs up, thumbs down?) certainly passed the test.  Posting 43 strikeouts and four wins, the two-time Cy Young award-winner was simply dominant.
     Brian Wilson's beard is arguably the best beard in professional sports.  Yes, opposing hitters should "Fear the Beard," but they should also fear Wilson's deadly assortment of pitches and overpowering stuff.  When Wilson comes in it's basically the end of the night for the opposing team.  Hey, that's kind of like Jonathan Papelbon...NAHT!
     Finally, the Giants have chemistry in motion.  Much like the Red Sox teams that won in '04 and '07, (Yes!) the Giants have a roster full of above-average players that work well together to accomplish the ultimate goal. From Freddy Sanchez (former Red Sox great) to Edgar Renteria (former Red Sox great, a.k.a. World Series MVP 2010?) the Giants have competitive players that will do anything for the team.  Talk about dedication...Aubrey Huff laid a beautiful sacrifice bunt down the first base line, moving the runners over to second and third.  It was Huff's first sacrifice bunt in 11 years in the league!  After "Huffing" and puffing down the first base line, Huff was called out.  Yet, after his unselfish act, Renteria hit a three run jack that just cleared the fences and gave San Fran the lead.  
     I would like to personally congratulate the San Francisco Giants for winning the 2010 World Series the right way.  Let me explain what I mean by "the right way."  Instead of seeing a team full of high-priced stars and mid-season acquisitions, (i.e. Yankees and Phillies) it was a pleasure to see the Giants win the Series.  Unlike the Giant teams in the '90s, this squad has no humongous juicers and no drastically overpaid players (insert whoever you'd like here.  Barry Bonds comes to mind for me...).  This time, it wasn't just "The Giants win the Pennant!  The Giants win the Pennant!"
     Rather, it was "The San Francisco Giants are World Series Champions!"  That has a better ring to it.  Though the Pennant call is a classic, this one is a bit more noteworthy.  
     What a "Giant" triumph for the city of San Fran.  (Damn, I thought I would make it the whole article without including a horrific pun)...truly a "Giant" mistake on my part.  I sincerely apologize.

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