Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hype around the Heat

     Though all of the hype surrounding the acquisitions of LeBron James and Chris Bosh is obnoxious, it's completely legitimate.  As a Celtics fan, it pains me that we are not the best team in the Eastern Conference.  That honor belongs to the Miami Heat.
     I'm fully aware that both Dwyane Wade and James are battling injuries and that the Heat have yet to prove themselves as a team yet.  However, I truly believe that the Heat will win 72 games this year, en route to an NBA Championship.  Here's why:
     The best thing about LeBron James is that he's naturally an unselfish basketball player.  James plays with an altruistic style, much like Magic Johnson.  Some people attribute James' pass-first mentality to the fact that he's not confident in his outside shot.  While this is true, he also loves to get his teammates involved.  
     Prior to this year, James was passing to the likes of Mo Williams and Anderson Varejao.  Varejao and Williams are solid players, but Bosh and Wade...well let's just say they're more than solid.  
     Last year James, Wade, and Bosh virtually single-handedly led their respective teams to success.  While Bosh and his not-so-ferocious-Raptors missed reaching the playoffs on the last game of the season, Wade led a previously-average Heat team to the 5th seed in the East.  And James, well he led the Cavs to first place in the East, before he choked in the playoffs (no big surprise there).
     Each of these three superstars has accomplished wonderful heroics on their own.  From last second shots, to scoring titles, to MVP awards.  These players had success by their lonesome.  Now that they're together...well that's just scary.  It's really a terrifying thought.  The merging of these three larger-than-life figures (even "Larger" than the early-2000 legends, The Backstreet Boys) over the summer has been a bigger hit across the country than Jersey Shore (at least I would like to think so). Even Snooki, as dumb as she is, would be a hooligan not to pick the Heat to win it all this year.  And that's why, I'm going with my gut, and going with the Miami Heat.  
     Of course, I want the Celtics to win.  We certainly have a legitimate chance to reach the finals.  Sure, with the acquisitions of The Big Shamroq (my boy- well, man.  I guess Shaquille O'Neal would qualify as a man...), Jermaine O'Neal (Baby J doesn't do too much for me, based on his struggles against the Celtics in previous Playoff series), and other young studs like Luke Harangody (former Fighting Irish stud), we have a chance.  We'll most likely get the two-seed in the East.  But the new-look Heat, with the new "Big Three" and Eddie House, well the they're already burning down the House, so to speak.  Let's just hope the aging Celtics can come and put out the fire, like they have in two of the past three years.
     With all this said, it's almost basketball season.  That's reason enough to be excited. I'm pumped, baby.  You should be too.

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