Monday, October 18, 2010

NFL Hullabaloo

     Six weeks into the NFL season, I am confident about one thing: that I have absolutely no confidence about my picks anymore.  As ironic as this is, it's complete fact.  My predictions are abysmal, but who can blame me?  This NFL season has been full of incessant upsets, week after week.  That's what makes football so special.
     This week for example, the Rams (yes those same Rams who won a whopping one game last season) beat the Chargers.  The Seahawks beat the Bears 23-20.  And most shocking of all, the Cowboys, the COWBOYS, dropped to 1-4.  1-4 isn't exactly a dynamite record.  They say everything's bigger in Texas.  What are they referring to...disappointment?  It sure seems that way.  We're talking about a lethal Cowboys team, one with Roy Williams, Marion Barber, Tony Romo, and Jason Witten.  These players are perennial all-stars.  The Cowboys are a perennial playoff contender.  This year however, I predict they'll finish out the year 8-8 and just miss the playoffs.  Although, then again, I guarantee this prediction will be wrong, just as nearly all of my others have been so far this season.
     Here is objective list of the five best teams in the NFL after Week 6.
Trevor's Top Five
5) Indianapolis Colts (4-2)- Manning will lead them to another division title.  They make the playoffs every year and there's no reason that will change this season.
4) New York Giants (4-2)- After an abysmal start, the Giants have looked virtually unstoppable lately.  Their defense has been stellar and Eli's finally stepping up and looking long for Hakeem Nicks.
3) Pittsburgh Steelers- (4-1)- Big Ben is finally back, and that means the Steelers are back too.  Somehow they managed to go 3-1 in his absence, yet now that he's maid his anticipated return they Steelers are a serious contender.  Everyone already knows how ferocious their rush defense is.
2) New England Patriots (4-1)- The Pats have already beaten the Dolphins, Ravens, and Bengals, three possible playoff contenders.  It's safe to say that Brady is having another pro-bowl caliber year, despite recent rumors that he's copying Justin Bieber's haircut! OMG!  Now that Deion Branch is back, the loss of Randy Moss is irrelevant. His shoes will be filled by Branch and Aaron Hernandez quite nicely, so to speak.
1) New York Jets- (4-1)- As much as I hate to say it, the J-E-T-S are currently the best team in the NFL.  Their impressive win over the Pats in Week 2 gave them a lot of momentum and they essentially cemented their position as the front runners in the AFC.  I wouldn't be surprised if they got the number one seed.  LT has been off the hizzy, the D is monstrous, and Sanchez is improving quickly...a little too quickly.

     I know the Texans, Eagles, Ravens, Saints, Packers, Dolphins, and Bears were left off this list.  I'm not making a Top 12 here; this is merely the Top 5 teams from my perspective.  I envision the Jets and Patriots emerging as the top two teams in the East record-wise, while I think the Giants and Saints will finish 1st and 2nd respectively in the NFC.

     But hey, my predictions have been horrific.  I'm not gonna lie.  Justin Bieber tore apart Tom Brady.  Heck, so did Randy Moss.  I guess Tom Brady's not perfect.  Neither am I.  My picks up to this point are atrocious.    With that said, I'm fairly confident in my Top 5.

     The NFL has been full of surprises.  This shouldn't come as a surprise, considering it's almost Halloween.  The NFL is haunted with mysterious upsets that leave you shaking in your boots.  This year is honestly a toss-up.  There are so many above-average teams that have a chance to do some damage in the playoffs.  It will be all about momentum heading into December.  The team that gets hot in Week 16 and Week 17 will indubitably be the Super Bowl Champion.  Dare I say it'll be the Patriots?  Nah, I don't want to jinx anything.

     Although,  if I pulled a double-reverse and picked the Patriots to lose the Super Bowl, wouldn't my pick be counteracted?  Wouldn't the Patriots then automatically, inevitably win the Super Bowl?  Hmm, interesting philosophy.  That's so crazy that it just might work.

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